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Message from the Chairman


Wataru Takeshita

Chairman, GEA

Wataru Takeshita ,Chairman

As you know, a wide range of environmental issues – none more pressing than climate change – have emerged as the environment of the Earth, the basis of humanity’s survival, is plunged into crisis. Every one of these issues is driven by the voracious economic activity of humans. Rising from the ashes of war, Japan made recovery its overarching priority, but the process of development caused severe environmental issues. This gave us the experience of overcoming those issues through earnest cooperation between the public and private sector. We have been lauded as an environmentally advanced nation by the international community, even winning accolades for a miracle recovery. Harnessing this experience, Japan has contributed globally with technological cooperation, sharing proven green technologies with developing countries through ODA for example. Today, global environmental issues cannot be resolved without global cooperation. Sessions of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP) are held annually and at the 21st session in Paris (COP21), 196 countries agreed on dramatic measures, setting specific non-binding targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, forming the Paris Agreement. What drove countries to agree on realistic actions to prevent further climate change – linked directly to the energy issue and its attendant confusion of interests – through effective international cooperation? It was the shared sense that we must make preserving the global environment, upon which the survival of humanity depends, our overriding priority.

The GEA is a cross-party organization bringing together lawmakers of all affiliations and others from government, industry and academia working sincerely to tackle global environmental concerns. Every second year, the GEA organizes an international conference to influence public opinion in a positive direction and in 1999, we received the Global 500 Roll of Honour from United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). We hope to further boost our contribution to solving global environmental issues in future, and your cooperation and support is deeply appreciated.

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