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Activities of GEA

Tokyo, Kyoto, Kitakyushu - Japan
New York - U.S.A.
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Buenos Aires - Argetina
Bonn - Germany
Phonom Penh - Cambodia
Johannesburg - South Africa
 History and Activities(Chronological table)
Tokyo, Kyoto, Kitakyushu-Japan
1992Apr."Eminent Persons' Meeting on Financing Global Environment and Development" is held in Tokyo
in collaboration with the UNCED Secretariat.
   In his opening speech, the Prime Minister pointed out the need for a law to meet the demands of the "new era of the global environment". This led to the enactment of "The Basic Environment Law".
"Tokyo Declaration on Financing Global Environment and Development" is announced at the Special Session of the Earth Summit.
1994Oct."Tokyo Conference on Global Environmental Action" is held in Tokyo.
   Tokyo Declaration 1994 is announced to the world, proposing strengthening of international dialogue relating to sustainable development.
1997Jan."The Environmental Summit'97 for Designated Metropolitan Cities" is held in Kitakyusyu City.
   In collaboration with 12 government-designated cities in Japan, the Environment Agency, Global Environmental Action, and UNEP International Environment Technology Center jointly issue the "Environmental Declaration by Government-Designated Cities" to outline ideas and directions for reforming large cities to promote environmental conservation for the new century.
1997Mar."Global Partnership Summit on Environment" is held in collaboration with the UNDPCSD*1
   Tokyo Declaration 1997 is announced at the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly.
1997Dec.GEA participates in COP3*2 in Kyoto.
   Organizes "Japan Day" inviting key members from many countries.
Japan's efforts to tackle environmental problems are outlined in the presence of prominent figures from different countries around the world.
1998Jun."Workshop on Responses to Climate Change in Northeast Asia" is held in Tokyo.
   Long-term strategies for climate change are formulated, based on a study on optimum technology and projects for the Northeast Asia region.
1999Jun."World Conference on Global Commons,Japan'99" is held in collaboration with the UNDESA.
   The "Tokyo Declaration" is adopted, presenting various measures to reinforce international efforts to address global environmental problems.
1999Nov."Fureai Shizen-Juku(Nature School) Symposium" is held.
   "Fureai Shizen-Juku"(Nature School) is a facility for environmental study, where people can enjoyably learn about the importance of the natural environment through observation of nature, direct contact with animals and plants. and living experiences.
After case studies in nature school management at national and local governmental facilities are presented at the symposium, influential individuals engage in discussions based on the examples.
2000Oct."Global Environment 2000" is held in Tokyo.
   The conference reviews the environmental problems of the 20th century and looks a the major global-scale environmental challenges of the 21st century, as well as measures for tackling them.
2001Oct."Conference on Global Environmental Crisis" is held in cooperation with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).
   The "Conference on Global Environmental Crisis" involving participants from various research institutes and international organizations and prominent individuals with influence on international public opinion, is held to alert and warn the people of the world about the many serious problems faced by the earth.
The conference adopts proposals for promoting international dialogue on the realization of sustainable development and on approaches to making reforms to cultivate environmental partnerships.
2003Oct."Conference for Sustainable Future: Education,IT and Natural Resources" is held.
   Placing the spotlight on education, information technology, and natural resources, the conference discussed what can be done and what should be done for the sake of a sustainable future. The adopted proposals were scheduled to be reflected in "the UNESCO Action Plan for the promotion of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development", proposed by the Japanese government and adopted at "the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg".
Two other events were also held "the Eco Youth Conference" just before the main conference and "the Symposium on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development" on the final day of the conference.

New York-U.S.A.
2000MayParticipates in the Millennium Forum (United Nations Headquarter, New York) .
   GEA recommends the establishment of an Internet-based environmental foundation, an obtains support for the proposal at the forum.
2002Jan.GEA participates in "WSSD Preparatory Committee 2" (United Nations Headquarter, New York)

Rio de Janeiro-Brasil
1992JuneParticipates in "Rio Summit"(United Nations Conference on Environment and Development)
   The result of "Eminent Persons' Meeting on financing Global Environment and Development" is announced at the Special Session.

Buenos Aires-Argetina
1998Nov.Participates in COP4*2 in Buenos Aires.

1999Oct.Seminar on "Report from World Conference on Global Commons,Japan'99" at COP5*2 in Bonn is held.
   The "Tokyo Declaration" adopted at the "World Conference on Global commons,Japan'99" is announced during the seminar.

Phonom Penh-Cambodia
2001Nov.Participates in "The High-level Regional Meeting for WSSD including ana Asia-Pacific Roundtable on Sustainable Development" in Cambodia.

Johannesburg-South Africa
20028月Hosts "Japan Day" at the WSSD in Johannesburg.
   Introduced Japan's efforts to solve environmental problems to the international community. Included the showing of a video describing, and drawing lessons from, Japan's experience in realizing economic development while also overcoming terrible pollution problems and the holding of a symposium on water and forest problems.

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